Zombie Survival – Test Your Zombie Survival Rating

Zombie survival isn’t all about preparedness. You can buy all the weapons and rations you want and read all the literature you can find but when the big day comes, it’s about how you perform, not how ready you are. Reacting properly to a zombie banging at your door is far more important to your survival than how many guns you have in your basement.

But we wouldn’t tell you all this if we didn’t have a plan to help. So take a minute to test your zombie survival skills with our quick Zombie Survival Quiz.

(Answers below)

  1. You hear reports on the news that your city has been overrun. With smoke rising in the distance, you still aren’t quite prepared to move out. What is your first course of action?
  2. You are woken up in the middle of the night to groaning and banging on the doors and windows. There wasn’t adequate warning and now the horde has surrounded your house. What’s the plan?
  3. You come across an abandoned apartment complex. You’re on foot and a vehicle sounds great. In front of you are a mountain bike, dirtbike, and a Jeep. Which do you take?
  4. Your travel companion has been bitten. You heard of a still-operating military base that has the cure. Do you go alone or take him?  


  1. Fill up all the sinks and bathtubs in your home with water.Though it may sound trivial, clean water will be hard to come by in the following weeks. If the water is shut off, a bathtub full of water may mean the difference between survival and a slow agonizing death by thirst. 
  2. I sure hope you have an axe handy because you’re going to need it. Get everyone and everything you can upstairs, and get to work on those stairs. Destroy them any way you can. Zombies can’t climb, and although it will further entrench you in your home, it gives you a few days of reprieve while you plot your next move. No stairs just means you’d better have a way to board up every window and door. Trust me, it’s safer just to buy a two-story.
  3. The mountain bike. Every time. A Jeep and a dirtbike–while they may sound appealing–are loud, cumbersome, and run on gas. Gas pumps stopped working weeks ago, and there is no way the roads are clear. A mountain bike may seem slow, but it keeps you in shape, runs silent, and if you come across an obstacle, you can easily carry it.
  4. Neither. You shoot him in the head. There is no cure. There never was and there never will be. Your friend is already dead. Cheer up though; it’s double rations tonight!

Did you survive?

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