Why Men Love Bacon

This is about bacon. 

It’s no secret that men love bacon. You’d have to be living under a rock not to notice that an entire freaking bacon industry emerged almost overnight. But the real question that no one is asking is why men love bacon so damned much. Perhaps it’s because that question seems to answer itself. More likely, it’s because everyone’s too damn busy eating bacon to ask why they’re eating it.

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But we reached out to our old friends from the National Bacon Institute of Bacon Research and Development for their input on exactly why men love bacon more than any other earthly substance.

“It’s pretty easy to trace a love of bacon to early man’s evolutionary needs,” explained Bacon Doctor Arnold Henderson, “I mean, men in the Stone Age required delicious food just as much as any modern-day man. Seriously, can you imagine living without TV and bacon? I shudder at the thought.”

mmmmm.... bacon
mmmmm…. bacon

“For our research, we eat hundreds of pounds of bacon a month,” said Greg Stevenson from the warm seat of his Jazzy. “We may have not revealed all of bacon’s secrets, but we’re getting closer.”

Henderson and Stevenson are famous for their innovative and brave research into the long-term effects of cooking with bacon grease on general male happiness. Their paper entitled, “How a Jar of Bacon Grease in a Fridge Can Feasibly Replace Anti-Depressants” nearly bankrupted three major pharmaceutical companies.

So what does the future hold for the future of bacon research?

“We’re making giant strides toward mapping the entire bacon genome. It’s been an ongoing process bringing in bacon experts worldwide.” Henderson explained.

His partner elaborated, “as a layman it may not make much sense to sink more into bacon research than we do into NASA, but trust me, the payoff is coming. Understanding just why men love bacon so much is integral to our ultimate goal as a species. Making more delicious bacon.”

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One thought on “Why Men Love Bacon”

  1. Just found you guys while looking for a unique gift for a “man’s man” kind of guy. He LOVES bacon…LOVES to BBQ and hates fluff and ‘sissy’ stuff.

    You guys are a god send! He’s picky so we’ll see how he likes his bacon crate. (I think he’ll love it…he loves bacon anyway it comes and he’s cooked it MANY ways!)

    He is away on some family illness issues over Father’s Day so I won’t be with this hunk of a man, but wanted to send him something special for Father’s Day. I think I found it with your bacon crate!

    Your humor and attention to the details of the real ‘male’ mindset is wonderful!!!

    I thought I would have to send him fruit in a ‘pretty’ basket…:-(

    THANKS for giving me another option that fits him to a tee!

    Keep up the great work…and KEEP THE HUMOR! It sells!!

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