Fezziwig's Warehouse Ball

Holiday Traditions

Fezziwig's Warehouse Ball

Bear with me on this- we’re going to hit family Christmas traditions, Dickens, Warehouse Parties, and one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever seen.

Mom Owns Christmas

Mom owned Christmas at our house growing up.  There were four of us- intensely competitive, bickering brothers,  but we knew not to mess with Mom during Christmas.  If the holiday music was playing there was an unspoken truce, and no talking back to Mom.

In what some might consider an abuse of this seasonal respite Mom established many a Christmas Tradition, with the most notorious being a full reading of Dicken’s Christmas Carol around the tree on Christmas Eve.   There would always be hot chocolate, a lit tree, and depending on where we lived each year a fire in the fireplace- pure Normal Rockwell for two hours of reading.

This went on for years, to the point where we could recite whole passages of Dicken’s original work.  It became tedious, but none of the brothers could break the Christmas truce.

A Welcome Interloper

When the eldest brother married and brought his new wife home for her first Christmas with the family she was eager to participate in the family traditions.  A few years of the same.  As the cherished daughter that Mom never had, the daughter-in-law finally realized that she was the only one exempt from the Christmas truce, and our only chance.

Finally we assembled one Christmas eve to find the daughter-in-law had made a short stack of gifts for every family member.  At the top was Dicken’s Christmas Carol- the Abridged and Illustrated version.  Then there was Dicken’s Christmas Carol- Cliff’s Notes.  Then there was Dicken’s Christmas Carol- the one page executive summary.  Then there was Dicken’s Christmas Carol- the bumper sticker version, which she had written herself.

Marley was dead.  Scrooge kept Christmas.  God bless us, every one.

In a brilliant win-win, she’d gracefully preserved Mom’s tradition and freed an extra hour of everyone’s Christmas eve for the other traditions, like unwrapping presents early.

Warehouse Parties?

The bumper sticker version leaves out Fezziwig’s Warehouse party, which if you’ve read the book or watched the muppet version, you know is epic.  Team Man Crates first Christmas Tradition, in the spirit of Dickens, the holiday season, and wonderful Moms, was an epic warehouse party- I told you we’d make it back.

Whatever your Holiday Traditions- we wish you safe travels and good times with your friends and loved ones.

Merry Christmas, from Team Man Crates.

Man Crates Christmas


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