Single’s Awareness Day PSA

"I have nobody to share this tasty apple juice with."
“I have nobody to share this tasty apple juice with.”

Sound familiar? If it is, you or someone you know may be suffering from Post-breakup Stress or Acute Singleness Disorder.

Acute Singleness Disorder can strike at almost any time, sometimes without warning or even symptoms. That’s why Man Crates is starting the Single Guy Relief Project.  Acute Singleness Disorder affects over one billion men in the world with a wide array of debilitating symptoms including but not limited to:

  • Facial hair growth
  • Increased sleep
  • Increased profanity on Xbox Live
  • Increased consumption of vodka, pork rinds and Häagen-Dazs

For just two dollars a day, you can send a single guy of your choice an awesome Man-Crate. Our crates are not a cure for Acute Singleness Disorder, but they do provide a multitude of helpful side-effects that can combat its debilitating symptoms.

Do you know someone that is single? Are they moping about, possibly with a drink in hand, complaining about how February is a season for pink capitalism and chalky heart-shaped lies? Is your friend living on your couch, mourning the (good or bad) days he’s lost with his recently distanced significant other? Remember, Acute Singleness Disorder can affect not only the victim, but those around them as well. Sponsor today, and make someone feel appreciated.


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