10 Reasons to Give a Man Crate


We're #1 (and humble)

So here we are… you’ve probably found your way to ManCrates.com because you’re searching for the perfect gift for guys.  Finding that perfect gift is almost impossible – we know because we’ve tried.  At some point, we said, “enough already”.  If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  So we did.

Simply put, we got tired of looking for gift baskets for men and being thoroughly disappointed with the results.  If its not the bows, ribbons and other fluff that’d make any self-respecting guy embarrassed to get a gift basket, its all the filler packing material that most companies shove in there so they don’t have to spend money on the good stuff.  I mean, can you imagine opening something horrendous like this at the office?  Yep, our thoughts exactly – not gonna happen.

In case there’s any doubt as to why he’d prefer a Man Crate to the other gift basket you were thinking about sending, we’ve decided to channel David Letterman and give you the Top 10 reasons why Man Crates are better.  So do the right thing and man up. Ditch the gift basket and send an authentic Man Crate instead.  After cracking open his gift with a crowbar, he’ll thank you.  That’s the Man Crates Guarantee.

Wooden Man Crate
Army-style wooden Man Crates you open with a crowbar.

Top 10 Reasons Men Prefer Man Crates: