Let Them Flug!


@RedBull #LetThemFlug!

The RedBull Flugtag came to San Francisco last weekend.  It’s a terrific event, Redbull does a fantastic job, and the winners this year worked hard and deserved their title. We’re just saying we would have liked a chance to compete.

There’s a competitive registration process which happens months before the actual event.  You might say ‘well you should have registered.’  That’s procrastination discrimination.  Seriously.

Just let me Flug, breh.

While we weren’t able to jump, we did revel in the spirit of flight with other Flugtag attendees, pose for tons of pictures (more on our Facebook page), and exercise our constitutional right to make posters and assemble peacefully-ish.

We’ll be back next time. Give us a shout if you saw us there.



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