Guns n’ Broses Rocks Your Landline

That girl is... Poison?
That girl is… Poison?

This year, for one day only, in our continuing effort to reach the pinnacle of epic customer service, we serenaded lucky Man Crate recipients affected by the blizzard. Lest they think that their loved ones vacated them faster than bad Chinese food, the Man Crates team stepped up, donned our best 80’s hair band wigs and rocked some power V-Day ballads to the dudes who answered the phone and awkwardly listened to us sing. You know… anything for the customer.

Not surprisingly the catalog of manly love songs is a short list, with few winners and many, many losers – including this 80’s after-school-special of a song.  But if you were a lucky recipient of a Man Crates Radio call today, you got to hear one of these classics:

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Love Songs for Men

5.  The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News Sure, we haven’t heard from Huey in a while, but with the album Sports recently turning 30, the News might just be back on our radar.
4.  Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield We bet Jessie’s girl got him a Man Crate. Where can you find a woman like that?

3.  What I Got – Sublime Spoiler: It’s not just lovin’, it’s also awesomeness.
2.  Who Do You Love – George Thorogood and the Destroyers Lonesome George. End of story.

And the winner is no surprise:

  1. I Would do Anything for Love – Meatloaf (But if your Valentine really likes meat, you outta have sent him this.)

So order your Man Crates and if you time it just right, you too might get the chance to experience the life-altering vocal stylings of Man Crates’ own Guns n’ Broses.

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