Awesome Gifts, Not Easy Gifts

Pry and Pry Again

We’ve seen a few shake-ups among gift giving services this year. Facebook dropped all the physical products from the catalog of gifts that they conveniently recommend I buy for each of my friends birthdays. Plastic Jungle pivoted away from their gift card exchange service. The gift selection service Wantful suspended operations after a strategic partnership with Nordstroms fell through.

Some people are putting these points in a line and asking if gifts are still relevant. Is buying goods for other people a dated, economically inefficient transaction that’s outlived it’s purpose? Are physical gifts the snail-mail of social pleasantries?

It’s Not About Easy

Maybe the focus has been on the wrong aspects of gift giving. Maybe people don’t want another safe option, another trusted recommendation for a store where your friend is likely to use a gift certificate. Sure, I might never snub a free Starbucks gift card, but getting a digital notification that someone’s put $10 towards my coffee-filled future doesn’t really deepen my relationship with whoever put that money there. The exchange of digital currencies and gift cards on our birthdays may never go away, but let’s never confuse those lazy social observances with giving great gifts.

Gifts aren’t about reminders, cash or convenience. Not if you’re doing it right.

People that understand gifts, that really love gifts, delight in finding and sending something unexpected, something that’s fun and memorable. Gift giving isn’t an obligation that we’re trying to fulfill as painlessly as possible, gift giving is an opportunity to share an experience with our friends and loved ones and ultimately be closer for it.


Exceeding Anticipations

Gift giving is, almost by definition, an emotional, sometimes challenging search for the right gift, and when you’ve taken the time to find and choose something you think that your friend will like, you’re taking a risk and putting yourself out there- will they actually like it? What if they don’t like it?

Taking a risk builds up your expectations. You picture them opening the gift and you imagine their response. You’re impatient for the gift to arrive and excited to see them open it, because when you’ve found the right gift that risk pays off. Great gifts create and then exceed anticipations.

Anyone can put money toward your Starbucks tab.

Only people that know you can find something that you love but maybe never knew you wanted.


Our Never Ending Mission

We are Man Crates, and we’re dedicated to delivering awesome gifts, not easy gifts. In fact our flagship product is a wooden crate chock-full of awesome gear and grub, fiendishly sealed shut and delivered with a crowbar.  It might be one of the most inconvenient gifts on the market, but since our launch in 2012 we’ve helped tens of thousands of customers send fun, unexpected gifts that bring people together. We’ve grown from a three man garage start-up into a profitable, 5,000 square foot operation- largely through the word of mouth recommendations from happy customers, one gift at a time.

So if you ask us if giving gifts is dead or dying, we say no.

We say awesome gifts now, and awesome gifts forever. Awesome gifts will never die.

If you’re as passionate about bringing people together through fun as we are and you’re looking for a job, we have lots of openings. Check them out at And if you’re looking for an awesome gift for a guy, we’re always here to help-

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