What can NASCAR pit crews teach us about same-day shipping?

When you make the most awesome men’s gifts in the world Father’s Day is a pretty big deal.   June 17th is right around the bend, and lots of people are looking to us here at Man Crates to deliver awesome gifts to their dads.  We’re going to need to be fast to keep up.

That’s why last week we met up with a man in the business of being the fastest- NASCAR great Andy ‘Papa’ Papathanassiou.  Andy is the Human Performance Director for Hendrick Motorsports (HMS), sponsoring four race teams in the NASCAR Cup Series – Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Casey Kane.

Andy Papas & Team Man Crates
Andy and Team Man Crates

The team’s 14 championships are attributed in part to the dramatic changes Andy brought to the pit crews, posting record pit stop times in many of the winning races.  If knowing how to change a tire makes you a man, Andy might be the reigning king of manhood.

Since revolutionizing pit crew coordination Andy’s gone on to coach all kinds of teams on how to work together quickly and effectively to get things done during crunch time, which for lots of jobs is all the time.

Team Man Crates changes a tire
Team Man Crates can change your tire in under 20 seconds

Over the course of the afternoon Man Crates competed with 11 other teams to change the 4 tires on a stock racing car, gleaning Andy’s keen insights into the principles of effective communication, individual responsibility, and producing amazing results as a team between each round.   We cut our tire-change time in half and ended up taking second place in the competition, trailing the winners by just a fraction of a second:

  1. 31.54 Seconds
  2. 21.07
  3. 18.41
  4. 15.36 Seconds – Final Tire Change Time

Andy’s lessons immediately made their way back to our fulfillment center where we were inspired to re-engineer the warehouse and hold the first ever Man Crates assembly time trials.

So whether you find yourself with a flat tire on the side of the road or need an awesome gift for a guy, Team Man Crates is here and ready to help.