Guns n’ Broses Rocks Your Landline

That girl is... Poison?
That girl is… Poison?

This year, for one day only, in our continuing effort to reach the pinnacle of epic customer service, we serenaded lucky Man Crate recipients affected by the blizzard. Lest they think that their loved ones vacated them faster than bad Chinese food, the Man Crates team stepped up, donned our best 80’s hair band wigs and rocked some power V-Day ballads to the dudes who answered the phone and awkwardly listened to us sing. You know… anything for the customer.

Not surprisingly the catalog of manly love songs is a short list, with few winners and many, many losers – including this 80’s after-school-special of a song.  But if you were a lucky recipient of a Man Crates Radio call today, you got to hear one of these classics:

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Love Songs for Men

5.  The Power of Love – Huey Lewis and the News Sure, we haven’t heard from Huey in a while, but with the album Sports recently turning 30, the News might just be back on our radar.
4.  Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield We bet Jessie’s girl got him a Man Crate. Where can you find a woman like that?

3.  What I Got – Sublime Spoiler: It’s not just lovin’, it’s also awesomeness.
2.  Who Do You Love – George Thorogood and the Destroyers Lonesome George. End of story.

And the winner is no surprise:

  1. I Would do Anything for Love – Meatloaf (But if your Valentine really likes meat, you outta have sent him this.)

So order your Man Crates and if you time it just right, you too might get the chance to experience the life-altering vocal stylings of Man Crates’ own Guns n’ Broses.

Man Crates Introduces Two New Football Crates (Plus, a Chance to Win One, Free!)

The end of summer always leaves us a little bit sad: the days get shorter, the weather gets colder, and we get to spend less time drinking beer in the pool.

But what Mother Nature taketh away, she giveth back: fall means football season.

Team Man Crates loves nothing more than to spend Saturday watching our alma maters do battle on the gridiron, and then flipping over the TV to watch the pros do their thing Sunday and Monday—every weekend is a long weekend during football season.

In honor of our favorite time of year, we’ve released two new crates designed for rabid football fans. Okay, okay, you caught us: we really designed these crates for ourselves. We can’t help it—we love football, and we love our crates, and we got selfish. Guilty. Take us away. But we loved ’em so much, we figured we’d give the general public a chance to get their hands on them, too.

Our Tailgate Supply Drop is perfect for away game tailgates. It’s got a ready-to-use disposable grill that requires

The Tailgate Supply Drop Crate
Look, if you want to schlep your wood-fired Barbecue 9000 deep into hostile territory to cheer your team on while they’re on the road, be our guest. We prefer to travel light when behind enemy lines.

nothing but a match to get you up and running (because let’s face it: as much as you love your six-burner propane Grillasaurus Rex, it’s not what you might call “portable”). We included the finest in condiments from our friends at Beaver Brand, Dirty-brand chips, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and Red Vines to keep you well fed while you’re waiting for your ‘dogs to cook, and even a pocket-friendly NERF™ football to channel your inner Andrew Luck while you wait for kickoff.

The Flag Football Crate
Because two-hand-touch is for wimps, and tackle football started becoming more painful than fun when we hit 30—sort of like hangovers.

If you’re like us, though, you know that as fun as it is to watch football, nothing beats actually playing it. That’s why we built the Flag Football Crate for our weekend head-to-heads. It’s got a full set of flags for a four-on-four matchup, a regulation-sized football, some cones to stake out the end zone, and plenty of energy snacks, electrolyte drinks, tape, and eyeblack to keep your team on top through triple overtime.

And here’s the best part: we’re giving away one of our football Man Crates to a lucky winner! All you have to do is throw your name in the hat using the Rafflecopter form below. That’s it! No purchase required. We’ll inform the lucky winner and send a crate their way.

We hope you’re as fired up about football season as we are! Tell us who you’re rooting for in the comments below (I’m a big Texas and Stanford NCAAF fan, so I look forward to your bellyaching, Oklahoma and Cal fans), let us know what you’d put in your ideal football Man Crate, and share your fantasy football team name with us—we may even send you a shirt if yours gets a laugh out of us!

-Team Man Crates

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Man of the Week: Manteo Mitchell

Manteo Mitchell - Man of the Week
Running 400 meters in 46 seconds? Impressive… especially with a broken leg. Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images.

Watching the Olympics these last two weeks frequently leave us in awe of what the human body can do.  Watching Usain Bolt break record after record is incredible, but fortunately, this post is not about him.  In the midst of the world’s greatest athletes setting new highs, occasionally a story catches our attention not due to higher, stronger or faster feats, but because of raw perseverance and determination.  Manteo Mitchell is just such a story.

Mitchell was halfway through the second segment of the men’s 4 x 400 relay when he heard his leg snap.  SNAP, mind you.  This wasn’t a twisted ankle or a pulled groin.  It was a broken leg – and he still had 200 meters to go.  Although he claims that he did what anyone would have done in his position, I’m not sure too many guys would have powered through the intense pain to finish the leg.  But Mitchell did just that.  In fact, he finished his leg  of the race in just over 46 second, faster than three of the other seven competitors in the field.  Impressive.

When he felt his leg snap, I’m sure Mitchell’s teammate waiting for the baton on the other side of the track was the first thought through his mind.  He probably thought of all those millions of Americans watching him and cheering him on.  He likely thought of the hours of practice, drills, weight training and competitions leading up to the that moment.  He, like athletes before him, didn’t want to let down his teammates, his family, friends or countries by caving to the pain – though not a single person would have questioned him if he did.  And that’s what makes him the man of the week.

So to Manteo Mitchell, we’d like to say this:  Thank you for representing your country through the pain and agony of those last 200 meters.  Not only did you help team USA qualify, but you showed humility and perseverance in the face of adversity that sets an example for the rest of us.  We hope you heal quickly and hope to see you back on the track representing the red, white and blue as soon as possible.

Man Crate Father’s Day Giveaway!

In honor of Father’s Day—and because Dad taught us to be generous—we’re giving away a Man Crate to one lucky winner this Father’s Day. Check out our Ode to Fathers and enter to win the contest below:


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No purchase necessary to win. Winner will be notified by June 7th. Winner may select any Man Crate of their choosing excluding any crate that contains alcoholic beverages.

Homage to Real Men – Father’s Day 2012

Father and SonThere’s a lot of useful knowledge out there that a man might find handy that’s probably best learned from books: calculus, Medieval History, maybe foreign languages, just to name a few.But there are a whole host of other things that men need to know: how to tie a half Windsor tie knot, how to drink like a man, how to use tools and build things, how to throw a punch, the best little hideaways to catch fish, how to talk to women, and how to change a tire or the oil on a car. And most of these things are best learned not from a book but from the giant of a man that most of us call “Dad.”

Most men aren’t born men. We follow in the footsteps (sometimes literally) of the great men that came a generation or more before us. They teach us about how the world works, about other people, and about ourselves, and in doing so they forge us into a new generation of men.

So it seems almost unfair that there’s only one day of the year that most of us honor our dads, grandfathers, and father figures and thank them for the countless hours they put into raising us to be the men we are today.

Father’s Day fast approaches. Make this one a memorable one. Give him something better than the ugly necktie you bought for him in elementary school—the one he still wears sometimes, even though it’s horrible, just because it means the world to him. Give him a gift that makes him use tools and his hands to open, the same way he put tools in your hands when you were younger and taught you to tear apart and build new things. This Father’s Day, send a Man Crate to Dad, Grandpa, or whatever man in your life had a hand in making you the man you are today.

After all, giving an awesome, memorable gift isn’t something most of us learn from a book.

To help all of you celebrate the great men in your lives, enter to win a Man Crate by visiting our Man Crate Father’s Day giveaway page.

Today is National High Five Day!

Borat High Five
High Five!

The High Five. Since the very first man used a rock to kill his supper, we have used various collisions of our ten-digit extremities in order to greet one another and express approval. Though many styles have risen and fallen in popularity over the years, it’s the simple palm-to-palm up-top hand clap that has remained steadfast as the de facto way to say, “thanks, man,” or “hey, congratulations,” or even, “way to punch that bear in the face, bro.”

We love the high five. It communicates more in a split second that what a dozen words can (or, depending on the circumstances, what a dozen words shouldn’t). It’s less awkward than a thank-you card. And nothing says “awesome” better than a high five.

At Man Crates, we dig the two-hand salute. That’s why we’re thrilled that today, April 19th is National High Five Day. We’ve been high-fiving everyone in the immediate area, and we want to get you in on it, too. That’s why we’re offering to give you five bucks off your order (between now and Saturday, April 21st) with the coupon code 5FORCANCER.

We also managed to find an awesome charity that’s using the high five for the highest (five) cause: cancer research ( So for every crate you order using the coupon code above between now and Saturday, we’ll also donate five bucks to the American Cancer Society.

After all, beating cancer is something that everyone can high-five about.

Customer Video: Man Crates Superbowl

Happy Man Crate Recipients
Man Crate For the Win

The Superbowl is among the manliest sporting events in the universe.  When your man party has to come off without a hitch, there’s really only one kind of gift basket for men that will work. A Man Crate (surprise).

This photo and video was sent to us from some satisfied Man Crate customers that busted open a Man Crate Original at their Superbowl party this year.  Needless to say, we had their snacking needs covered.

Video: Personalized Beer Coasters

Following on the heels of the personalized pint glasses video we posted a few days ago, I wanted to also post this video of how we use LASERS make personalized bamboo beer coasters.  These coasters are part of the personalized pints and coasters crate we launched recently, and it’s even cooler to see our lasers in action on this video.  Check it out!

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”340″][/vimeo]

Skydiving from Space

Not satisfied to hold several earthbound base jumping records, Felix Baumgartner wants to be the first man to break the space/speed barrier – without an aircraft around him.  He already holds the records for lowest altitude base jump when he dove off the famous Brazilian Cristo Redentor statue and now he’s setting his sights higher.  120,000 feet higher.

Soon, Felix will hold the record for highest freefall in the history of man, jumping from the edge of space nearly 23 MILES above the earth.  For those of you keeping track, that’s way, WAY past the point at which blood begins to boil without special protection (65,000 feet).  Felix and his team of former astronauts will launch into the stratosphere in a special capsule hanging from a balloon that will prevent this unfortunate and messy situation from happening.  This feat has been five years in the making, and the entire Man Crates team wishes Felix and his team good luck.

Think we’ll send him a congratulatory Man Crate upon landing.  Maybe he’ll even take a Man Crate up with him next time to make it on of the highest airdropped gifts for men in history.  That’s be something.

Personalized Pint Glasses Video

Have you ever wondered how custom pint glasses get made?  No?  Well we’re going to show you anyways.  We’ve got a ton of new products on the horizon including some totally sweet custom pint glasses, custom wooden coasters and more that’ll blow your mind.

Now, when you order one of our awesome gifts for men, like a custom Man Crate, not only will you get personalized pint glasses and other gear, but we’re also going to show you how it gets made.  I’m not talking “how any old custom pint glass gets made”.  I’m talking how YOUR pint glasses get made.

For each Personalized Pint Glass and Coaster Man Crate you send, the lucky recipient will get a custom link to view the video showing his awesome man gear in full, 100%, glorious HD production.  Just another way we’re different from the ladies selling crappy gift baskets for men.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”340″][/vimeo]

How its Made: Daniel’s Pint Glasses.
(Disclaimer: We sped up the video for your viewing pleasure.  Plus, we know you have stuff to do.  Like ordering your own Man Crates.)